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By consciously developing a lean business we have been able to provide more value at a lesser cost than others who offer similar services. We are a design collective built on lasting relationships among a group of professionals from varied fields. This enables us to keep less in-house employees while still providing consistent results. This is a tactic often used in construction though little utilized in design. Through this format we are able to make use of professionals on an as-needed basis and avoid costs associated with down time and employee overhead expenses. Our team of associates, and our healthy relationships with them, is what makes this work. Together we provide services beyond that of most local architecture firms and for a fraction of the price.

Design/Builder Vs. Architect

So what are the benefits, beside cost, for using a design/builder instead of an architect?  The study and practice of architecture, in a general sense, is a two part process consisting of art/design and documentation/administration.  Few architects have genuine experience on the construction side of the business.  Likewise, most builders are more mechanically minded than artistic.  Though the documentation/administration portion of design is wholly integral it is also the easiest learned or outsourced of the three parts involved in managing, conceptualizing and building a new home.  Building, while seemingly a mechanical process, is often as much of an art as a science.  One of the largest challenges a builder often faces is integrating an architect's design with effective building practices, materials and site specific conditions.  There are many great architects out there, and our team includes one of the best in the area.  There are also many architects whose lack of on-site experience leads to issues and cost overruns throughout the construction process.  Often, plans received are an artistic rendering of what might possibly be should any of the logistics happen by luck to work out.  As a builder it can be quite frustrating trying to provide a client with a great end product while having to work through and around a faulty design.  It is our goal to remove this issue from the equation by integrating our knowledge of construction from the very start of the design process.

Our Process

Over the years we have developed and tested a design process which has proven to be superior.  Designing from the perspective of a builder naturally produces healthy designs grounded in a fundamental understanding of their physical workings.  Our designs are essentially built rather than drawn. The net result is a plan that is not only buildable, but which allows for a smooth process and is of components easily sourced.  And our designs are far from plain!  The other side of knowing how to build things easily is knowing how to build things uniquely.  Our design portfolio will quickly illustrate that we have a bent toward distinctive, fun and quite original design elements.

The Aggregate Effect

As designers we are heavy on experience and light on overhead. We design structures which are as
notable as they are achievable. As builders we are proficient and deeply engaged in every project.
When building our designs we hold responsibility for every aspect and there is no opportunity for
deflection. We stand by our work and we generate and maintain lasting relationships with our
clients and associates alike. We engage in healthy business and construction practices and, by
managing the process from start to finish, are able to provide a value we've yet to see matched. We
may never be the “cheapest” but we are always your best value.
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